Issue #32 | October 25th 2014

Welcome to the Lean Body for Her Newsletter. 

During my career in the fitness industry, I have encountered many people who have issues with body confidence. I love this feature article by Eve Dawes because she opens up about her own experiences as a model and competitor who struggles with overcoming body image issues and explains how important it is to find a healthy balance between looking great and making your health the priority. She also talks about the selfie-craze on social media and encourages us to use those photos for motivation and not frustration.

This week's recipe is not only great for a delicious breakfast, but any time of the day. I do love pancakes. How about you? Be sure to also try this recipe for Pumpkin Pretzel Crunch Protein Bars. These are on the top of my list to try.

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Rise and Shine!

Are you having a tough time with loving the body you see in the mirror? Trust me, you're not alone. Read Eve's article on gaining body confidence and just remember, you are beautiful. 

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