Reflections by Lee Labrada

If you were driving down a freeway, and your car got a flat tire, you would pull over to the side of the road, get out, and assess the situation.

If you had a spare tire, and were so disposed, you would change the tire, get back in your car and be on the way.

What would you think of a person who experienced a flat tire, then got out of the car and slashed the other three tires?

You’d think they were crazy!

But this is exactly what someone does when they experience a failure; and then instead of fixing the failure, they just give up.

When people mess up, they get discouraged. They feel bad about themselves. This makes them think about giving up. But it’s important that you do not give up. Failures are only temporary, unless you make them permanent.

It’s important to view failures as opportunities. An opportunity to try again and to succeed. Also think about this: the fact that you failed, means you tried! The fact that you tried, is more than many people do. You should feel good about that.

Every failure can teach you something. You learn what doesn’t work, then you can make adjustments, and try something different. It helps you to get better.

When you look at it this way, failure is a victory, just like success is a victory. When you try, no matter what the result, it’s an opportunity to grow and learn.

Your goal should always be progress, not perfection. When it comes right down to it, there’s no such thing as perfection.

There’s only progression, meaning that you get a little better each time you try.

The next time that you blow your diet, or mess up a workout, or fail at something, don’t get discouraged. Reframe it as an opportunity, make adjustments, and take action to turn it into a victory!

This week make it a priority to change the way that you look at your temporary failures. Look at them as opportunities to become better and to grow.
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