Reflections by Lee Labrada

"I can’t work out because the gyms are closed.... I’m stuck at home, and I’m feeling sorry for myself, so I may as well turn on the TV and eat whatever I want."

Sound familiar? This is a reality for many of us today, during this time of Covid-19 isolation.

It’s too easy to slip into this kind of thinking. We have to acknowledge that things are different, and in some cases have become more difficult.

But I want to challenge you this week to eliminate the word "can’t" from your thinking, and start asking yourself "how?"

"How can I work out? How can I get exercise? How can I keep myself healthy?" Spend some time thinking about these questions.

By asking yourself "How?," you open yourself up to possibility thinking. It gets your creative mind engaged, and it is the start of positive actions. Remember that you are in control of your thoughts. If you say "I can’t" then quite literally, you cannot.

On the other hand, if you ask yourself "HOW can I?" you’re halfway to finding options that will improve your life and enjoyment.
So next time you find yourself thinking you can’t, instead ask yourself "how can I?"
I’m willing to bet that you will surprise yourself.

Make it a positive week!
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"I made changes both physically as well as mentally. Doing this challenge with my husband gave us something to do together that benefits both of our bodies and lives in general. We don't get much together time like that and I was able to commit and get up each day and get it done. I am so proud of the changes I made. I am definitely not where I want to be yet so I am still going strong. This challenge set my routine and I am so thankful for that. I am happy with my body and how it looks so far and can't wait to see it in the future. These last 12 weeks have been great."

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