Issue #3 | March 29th 2014
Welcome to the  Lean Body for Her Newsletter. 

In this week's edition, Christina Moreland recommends five important tips for moms who are starting a new healthy lifestyle.  Motherhood can definitely be both demanding and wonderful, so be sure to check out these key tips for staying successful with your goals. 

My very own "Ask Jamie" video focuses on Tips to Maximize Your Gym Time.

Love fried chicken?  Would you believe, it can be guiltless?  Find out how to make our special version.

Last but not least, Sharon's back with more fun comic strips - I'm sure many of us ladies can relate with this week's.  


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In our feature article, Christina Moreland offers tips on starting a fit and healthy lifestyle with a family.  Learn how this super mom of two stays motivated to meet her goals.


In this quick video, Jamie gives you some quick tips to utilize your gym time to its fullest.  Enjoy!

The Lean Body for Her team has been busy coaching our Lean Body Challenge participants and we could not be more proud!
And, with thousands of wonderfully motivated ladies signed up for our FREE weight loss transformation program, we are really looking forward to seeing your results in the months to come!  
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Keep up your hard work, ladies!

By: Christina Moreland    
"To have youthful, beautiful skin, start with the inside out. Eat plenty of natural foods -- fruits and vegetables with antioxidants -- and drink plenty of water. 
I truly believe we are what we eat and need to work on the inside to have a radiant, healthy appearance outside."