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Have you ever had one of those incidences where you mess up your diet, and then you tell yourself "well I’ve already messed it up so I might as well just keep eating?"

I remember times when I used to do this, especially when I was dieting for one of my pro bodybuilding shows. It seemed to always happen late at night when I woke up hungry. "Hmmm... let me see what’s in the fridge." My friend, nutritionist Keith Klein says that to keep binging once you have started, and to rationalize it by saying "heck I’ve already messed it up," is like getting a flat tire on the highway, pulling over, and then slashing the other three tires!

It’s amazing how we rationalize everything to ourselves, isn’t it?
We figure that since we have already blown our diet, we might as well really blow it!

As you can already see this is not productive. What we always tell our clients at Lean Body Coaching, is for them to get the incident behind them as quickly as possible, by stopping the binging behavior immediately.

Then, the idea is to pick up where you left off, and not beat yourself up mercilessly. The idea is to make progress, and in those isolated incidents is in which we blow it, to move on. In this manner, we make progress over time. Nutrition should be approached as a lifetime habit, and not as a series of crash diets followed by weight gaining episodes.

For all of you who are following your New Year’s resolutions to approve your body, I hope that everything is going well. For those of you that feel you need extra help, be sure to check out our website at leanbodycoaching.com, To find out how we can help you with one to one nutrition coaching.

Stick to your plan, and have a great week.
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