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Losing body fat is not rocket science. It’s pretty simple really. In order to lose body fat, you need to be burning more calories each day than you consume. Pretty simple logic right? By burning less calories than what you need for maintenance, you create a caloric deficit. If you’re choosing the right things to eat in the right amounts of protein carbohydrates and fat, then the majority of that caloric deficit should come from stored fat.

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8 Simple Rules to Follow for Maximum Fat Loss

Fat loss is not rocket science, but if you're confused - do not feel bad! You now have access to fat loss rules in this article, which you can access below. Read on to learn 8 simple rules that will guarantee you start losing body fat! In addition, there is a fat burning workout inside...

Change Your Mindset and
Reach Your Goals
If you want to make a change, whether its diet or exercise, then you must change the way you’ve always viewed it. Read on to learn about why and how a shift in your mindset can make a huge difference in your motivation!
Cardio or Weight
Training First?
In a perfect world you would have two separate workouts in one day, which is not feasible for most. This begs the question "should I do my cardio first or weights first?" Read on to find out which order is optimal, and why!
Heather Savidge lost 14 lbs & 6.3% Body Fat

"I had my goal weight written down, but I wasn't really focused on that number as much as fitting into my goal shorts. I kept them on my closet shelf where I could see them all the time and periodically try them on. I posted about my challenge on social media from Day 1 so I had friends watching, commenting, and encouraging me. I took and posted progress pictures. I also had some awesome people I see in the gym every day cheering me on, some even telling me that I’m the hardest working person they see in there and it shows, and that felt SO GOOD! I was not about to quit for any reason! I usually give up halfway through a challenge because I go into it thinking I have to look as good or do as well as someone else in the challenge. THIS TIME it was all about me and my personal competition with myself. I know better than anyone how to beat me, and I did it!"

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