20 Ways to Kick Off Your Fitness in 2020

Call it cheesy. Call it cliché. But the New Year is a great time to start a new, fitter you.
Still, it can be daunting.  Where do you even begin? And how can you avoid losing steam by week three?

Don’t worry. All this – and a lot more – is covered in our 20 fitness tips below.

Ready, set, go make 2020 a great one.

Avoid the Always-Dreaded
"Diet" Trap

Quite frankly, it’s probably not the workout aspect that is causing frustration and setting the well-intentioned resolutioner up for failure. Rather, the culprit is more than likely the person’s chosen diet.  Read on for advice on how to avoid the always-dreaded "Die"t trap.
5 Quick Tips to Kickoff
the New Year

For many, it's Christmas time. That means spending time around dinners, parties, and get-togethers which are tempting with fattening food, and often result in weight gain. Read on for some ideas that you can use to kickstart your get back in shape program right after Christmas.
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Jessica Lee lost 7.8 lbs & 8.2% Body Fat

"My fitness goals at the beginning of the challenge were to get myself in a place that I felt comfortable in my own skin again. I wanted to go out in public and not feel insecure about it. I definitely wanted to lose some weight and focus on slimming down my midsection and gaining some muscle definition in my arms and back. I love the look of a strong fit woman and that is where I wanted to be at the end of this challenge. Now I look fit and healthy, my clothes fit better, my skin looks healthier, and I feel confident again."

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