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"I’m burned out! I just don’t feel like doing this anymore" I can attest to thinking this at least a few times over the years, as it pertains to working out. It seems that all of us face this feeling every once in a while. I’ve been working out since before some of you were born. My clients ask, "Lee, how do you keep it fresh? What keeps you motivated?"

If you start to peel away the layer of my psyche, I think the answers are complicated. What motivated me to start working out at 16 is not the same as what motivated me to stay at the top of the pro bodybuilding ranks for 10 years. And it’s certainly not what motivates me now. Today it’s the desire to look the best I can, to look muscular and athletic, to stay healthy and to live longer.

Different people are motivated by different things. It’s up to you to figure out what motivates you, as it can change over time. I believe that one of the crucial parts of staying motivated to work out is to DEFINE what you CURRENTLY desire from your workouts. Your workouts must be structured to feel rewarding not just on a long term level ("I want to be healthier") but also on a short term level ("I like the sense of accomplishment that comes from moving the weights around, and the way it elevated my mood"). I think that too often people lose motivation because they fail to think about what constitutes the short term rewards.

Besides focusing on the rewards, I believe that it’s also important to focus on measuring your process if you want to stay motivated. It may be putting a half inch on your arms or losing a half inch from your waistline. Whatever your goal, measure your progress towards it. Use a tape measure, a scale, or even pictures to help you develop concrete feedback. This feedback will encourage you to keep going!

This week take a few moments to take inventory of what you desire from your workouts, and start measuring your progress. You’ll find that you feel more energized about going to the gym!

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