Issue #28 | September 27th 2014

Afraid of packing on the dreaded freshman fifteen in college?  Kelsey Byers gained fifty pounds in college and worked hard to lose it.  Through a few years of trial and error, she figured out how she could have prevented her weight gain.  Her feature article this week shares four simple tips she wished she'd known and followed to stay healthy and fit during school.  Even if you are not in college, these tips can certainly be added into anyone's lifestyle.

Craving pizza?  This recipe is perfect for those cravings and is actually very healthy!  It's a win-win.  Ask and you shall receive! Here is another mouthwatering recipe using my protein. 

I really do appreciate my blogger friends who love to contribute recipes. I can't wait to try this one for Soft Batch Peanut Butter White Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies.

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Kelsey's feature article offers tips for keeping a fit figure during college. I must agree, while these tips are simple, they are effective. What are you waiting for?  Start working on your lean body by putting these into practice.

Las Vegas, September 20, 2014

Here I am backstage with Lee Labrada after accepting our award at the Olympia from for Women's Product of the Year for our whey protein isolate! 

I am so excited that we won and so grateful to everyone who voted! All of you made it possible and I can't thank you enough. Love, Jamie