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We’re having a very hot summer in Houston, Texas this year. So naturally, to cool off we often jump in our pool and take a swim. Recently I was in the pool with my 4-year-old granddaughter, Brooklyn, and became absorbed in playing with her. When I looked up, 20 minutes had gone by, but the funny thing is that it didn’t feel like 20 minutes. It felt like we had just gotten started!

I think that whenever we are truly engaged in an activity like playing, we lose track of time. And it got me thinking. I believe that the reason that many adults lose their interest in exercising is that there’s not a fun or playful element attached to it anymore.

Think about it. As children, many of us played with our friends outside, running around a playground, tossing or kicking a ball, playing hide and seek, or swimming just to name a few. We didn’t think about the exercise we were getting. But, we were getting our heart rates going, and we were breathing in lots of fresh air while enjoying a lot of good laughs.

I believe this is what is missing from adult exercise these days – the element of just having fun. Many of us have allowed ourselves to let exercise become drudgery, and have taken all the fun out of using our bodies.

So this week I want to challenge you to think of ways to inject the fun back into your exercise program. The simplest way is to invite a friend to workout with you. Or, you can try your hand at a group sport such as a pickup game of basketball. Use your imagination and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Try some different activities. Connect with that ‘inner kid’ once again and start having some fun.
By doing so, you’ll enjoy your exercise more, and you’ll be more likely to stick with your exercise habit. Make it a great week!

P.S. Have a Lean Body Shake after your workouts! :)

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"When I first started the challenge, I wrote a list of reasons I wanted to get in shape. I keep it in the notes on my phone and read it every single day (a lot of times more than once). They were very important reasons that affect many aspects of my life. The most important reason was to be a good example to my kids. Having them see me go through the challenge and support me was probably the most motivating thing ever for me.

Physically, I look toner and see more definition in my body. I feel much stronger both physically and mentally. I have way more energy, more confidence, less anxiety and stress. I also feel very focused throughout the day. It has affected every aspect of my life. I’ve been a single mom of 3 kids for over 10 years and work a very demanding job. Over the last 12 weeks I have become so much more productive and at both home and work. It has also given me so much more of a positive outlook."

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