Issue #267 | September 20th 2014

Welcome to the Lean Body for Her Newsletter.  

Are you intimidated to walk into a gym? You are not alone. Many women tell me they feel overwhelmed with the machines and don't know where to start. Don't worry, most people have experienced this feeling when they started a new fitness regimen. Maybe the solution is to start out at home where you feel the most comfortable?  Well, great news! This week's feature article offers tips on how to begin your gym journey at home.

Do you love brownies? Well, I can't wait for you to try this tasty post-workout treat. Also, I am excited to share this added bonus recipe for French Macarons made with my protein powder. Enjoy!

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Cecile's feature article offers suggestions on how to start working out at home until you build up your confidence for the gym.  Some of my most challenging workouts have been high intensity circuits at home.  Give it a shot!

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