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What if you could learn a way to have more motivation than you ever thought possible? I’m going to talk about that. But first, let’s talk about what motivation is. We speak about motivation like it’s some fickle force with a mind of its own. "If I have motivation, I can achieve my potential." Conversely, "If l lose motivation, I will fall short."

In my early years as a competitive bodybuilder, I learned the secret of motivation: measurement. I learned that if I tracked how much my lifts in the gym were increasing and how many inches I was adding to my arms, legs and chest, I stayed motivated, even when the workouts got tough.

And I was reminded of this recently: "If you can’t measure yourself, you can’t motivate yourself."

I recently started on a leg routine emphasizing squatting to add more strength to my legs and glutes. Because I had been focusing mostly on using leg presses for my legs, I found that when I started squatting again, my poundages had fallen down quite a bit. So to start, I chose a training poundage that would allow me 10 repetitions, made note of it, and then with each succeeding workout, I made it my goal to add an additional 10 pounds to the squat bar. That’s an example of measurement. Set a goal, put a number to it, and then measure to see it you’re getting closer to your goal.

Setting a goal, then measuring progress, is the secret to motivation.

Measuring creates the excitement and desire as you advance closer to your goal. And that is what makes you swing into action, and gives you the encouragement to persevere. Measurement can take many forms, for instance a tape measure that tells you that your arms are a half an inch bigger; or that your waist is an inch smaller. It can be a scale, telling you that you’ve dropped or gained a couple of pounds; or it can be in the form of photographs taken at regular intervals.

If you’ve been lagging lately on motivation, I would encourage you to try this technique for kickstarting your desire to achieve your physique goals. Hope you have a great week and remember, "measure to achieve your treasure."


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"My biggest motivation was proving to my family that this time I was doing it for me. My challenge has just begun and it is proving to myself and everyone that this isn't temporary- it really is the new me. My biggest struggle really was working as hard as possible to win, but accepting that losing shouldn't be my end. I overcame that struggle by realizing my health and life should not need a prize."

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