Hi , Lee Labrada here. How are your workouts and diet going? Getting into great shape is one of our goals this year. And with a renewed emphasis on working out, sometimes you’ll get the occasional injury.

You wouldn’t believe the struggle that I’ve had at times with minor back injuries and I was wondering if you’ve ever experienced the same thing? I’m actually nursing a strained spinal erector muscle right now...so that gave me the idea that we might all benefit from a good back injury prevention article from a sports medicine expert. That’s why I reached out to Dr. Stephen Workman to write this week’s lead article. I hope that you will enjoy it, and will get some benefit from it. Let me know what you think.

On another note... I just wanted to remind you that I’ve been doing a Facebook live every Friday for the Lean Body Challenge group – you’ll see the link in the newsletter below. I want to encourage you to join us and feel free to ask questions about exercise and nutrition. There’s a great support group there, a wonderful community, all helping each other get leaner and better.

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Your back is the foundation for any activity you do.  Like the foundation of a house, it can be forgotten about until a crack forms.  Once that happens, everything the foundation supports becomes vulnerable.  When you hurt your back, you realize that it is involved in virtually all your movements. Do not let back pain hold you back!  Know your body and take these precautions.

6 Pick-Me-Ups For A
Boring Workout Routine
Is working out starting to feel more like a nagging chore than a fun pick-me-up? If so, it’s time for you to get the passion back. These six simple steps will help rekindle the spark between you and your workout plan.

6 Ways to Control
Stress Eating
You just had the WORST.DAY.EVER. You need junk food and you need it now! Sure, the odd binge won’t kill you. But if you want to get your stress eating under control – for both your mental & physical well-being – these 6 tips can help.

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Mitzie Roman lost 6 lbs & 8.5% Body Fat

"Let me start by saying that for me the Lean Body Challenge was very easy to follow. My goals were to loose fat, and hopefully gain some muscle in the process by the time my birthday came around March 31st. It was also a great tool to help me accomplish my goal since I have never been able to stick to a weight lose regime.

I was able to do the challenge workouts at home, which was my number one concern because I do not have time to go to a gym. I also learned how to eat healthy without compromising my energy levels and got great results.

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