Since it’s the time of year when we start our get-in-shape programs,  here are
10 Fast, Fat Burning Tips that you can use today to start melting away that unwanted holiday body fat!  Time to rev up your engine and get lean.

Are You Making These 7
Diet-Killing Mistakes?
Has your progress slowed to a crawl? For many people, the issue is often one or two small nutrition errors that are leading your results astray. Read the article for those mistakes and the remedies to get you back on track.
9 Things to Consider When
Hiring a Personal Trainer

What better way to put your get-fit plan into motion than by hiring a personal trainer? If you’re stumped on where to start, we’ve got you covered. Read on for 9 things to consider before hiring a personal trainer.

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Lee Labrada
CEO & Founder Of Labrada Nutrition


Christine Marquis lost 18 lbs & 8.8% Body Fat

"My biggest motivation was proving to my family that this time I was doing it for me. My challenge has just begun and it is proving to myself and everyone that this isn't temporary it really is the new me.
My biggest struggle really was working as hard as possible to win, but accepting that losing shouldn't be my end. I overcame that struggle by realizing my health and life should not need a prize."

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