Fitness isn’t just a game of physical activity. If you want to gain the most benefit from your workouts, you need to bring the right emotional and mental state to the table as well. Find out how to embrace your emotions to get you on the fast track to your health and fitness goals.


10 Reasons to Avoid a
Keto Diet

Yet another extreme diet program attracting millions of people back into the dieting roller coaster. Read on for 10 reasons why you should not hop on this ride.


Proper Nutrition Can Help Manage Type II Diabetes

Do you or someone you know suffer from diabetes? If not, are you worried about potentially getting diabetes? You’re not alone. Read how to help prevent and manage the disease.


When that first, crisp breeze blows through the changing leaves, we want nothing more than a slice of pumpkin bread.  As the weather cools down, it seems the decadent treats start to pile up! Have your cake and eat it too with this heart-healthy, low-fat snack that will satisfy your craving and keep you on track for your goals.


Watch this entertaining video filmed on National Boss's Day with the founder of Labrada Nutrition and Bodybuilding Legend, Lee Labrada.


Jacky Small lost 16 lbs & 8.5% Body Fat

"As I set out on this new journey, I sat down and thought long and hard about what my goals were going to be this time. I have done many challenges in the past and I loved, loved, loved the workouts. So seeing this new Lean Body Challenge, I said "You got this Jacky!!" and so here I am. My goals were to give it all I had so that I could win this challenge. I had a winning mindset from the beginning, hoping to change the way I ate and to see positive results.
These were my actual goals: I will love my body back to super health! I will take time in my training recovery, and the life I love to rehab my body to the best it can feel I will look better naked and to feel good about looking at myself naked I want more muscle, less body fat and to eat a lot more healthier I want to get me in a pair of bootie shorts and say, "Damn girl, you look fine!!" and be proud wearing them to the gym :) I will get to my goal weight of 125 lbs or better. I have accomplished these goals and so much more. By following the Lean Body program every day, eating clean and listening to my body, I have seen such tremendous results and am so proud of myself. "

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