5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fear Fat in Your Diet

You may remember the era when fat was considered the number-one no-no to avoid when maintaining a healthy diet and keeping one’s weight within healthy limits. In fact, there’s an entire generation of people out there that grew up believing the best, most effective way to shed unwanted pounds was to follow a fat-free or low-fat diet to the letter. There's very good reasons why certain types of fat should stay in your diet, check out this weeks article for more information.


5 Foods to Avoid When You Want to Lose Fat

The only thing standing between you and your new jean-strutting self is a few extra pounds – and they’re hanging on for dear life! But don’t lose hope. Armed with this handy list of what foods to avoid for fat loss, you’ll be fitting into smaller sizes before you know it!


Seven Reasons
You Need Protein

The words "high protein" seem to be everywhere these days. So, what’s all the fuss about this mighty macronutrient? We’ve got seven powerful reasons why you should get on the protein train.

Herb and Citrus Zucchini Boats

Vegetables pack a powerful nutritional punch, but did you know they can pack a ton of flavor?! Make this low carb spin on a classic dish. These boats are overflowing with good-for-you foods, have tons of protein, and will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Lean Body Transformation Of The Week


"The workouts were fun for me but challenging, as well. I found out during the challenge that I have low iron so I struggled with fatigue and then hormones played a factor but the most challenging part of this whole 12 weeks was keeping my diet clean. I love food and wine but staying consistent was my goal. Overall, I could have probably done better but I know that maintaining this lifestyle will be important for overall health."

Sonya Manz

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