Issue #23 | August 23rd 2014
 Welcome to the Lean Body for Her Newsletter.   

 There are times in my life when I can do nothing else but think of food. Can you relate? In this week's edition, I share an article about food cravings and several ways to avoid them. 

Speaking of cravings, you're in for a sweet treat with this week's recipe! It's healthy, delicious and packed with protein. Enjoy!

I often get questions on how to avoid cravings.  I don't care who you are, at some point, cravings are inevitable.  It's important to understand exactly what causes them.  My feature article offers several suggestions that will help you avoid caving in to your craving.

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What's the best type of cardio? 

I honestly don't think there is one type that is best; the key is consistency and changing it up to keep your body adapting.  Find something or multiple things you like doing in and out of the gym, change the amount of time you do it for, the intensity, incline, throw in some HIIT and make sure it's regular. 

It doesn't have to be every day but it should amount to 2 ½ hours of moderate or 1 ¼ hours intense (or an equivalent mix) exercise per week according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  - Eve Dawes