5 Reasons to Cut
Back on Sugar
It looks so pure and it tastes so good. And yet, sugar has gotten a pretty bad rap lately – with words like toxic, poison, and deadly being used to describe it. Meanwhile, a wave of sugar-free challenges has surfaced online, encouraging people to go one week, one month, or even a lifetime without this sweet substance.
The Wonderful Success
Of Ceci Reyes
Ceci has a beautiful tale to share with anyone who has the desire to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and for everyone willing to listen. It takes a special strength to reach within ourselves and find a way out of the dark, and that is what Ceci achieved.
How to Move More
When You Skip the Gym
Missing your gym session doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all activity for the day. There are plenty of ways to get your blood flowing without doing bicep curls or running on the treadmill. Next time you skip the gym; use these tips to make your day more active.
Quick & Easy Dark Chocolate
Protein Mousse
This easy, decadent, and protein-rich mousse takes around 10 minutes to make. It’s a perfect dessert for any special occasion, or can be eaten as a sweet snack, too!
Lean Body
Jacky Small
Lost 16 lbs, 8.5% Body Fat
As I set out on this new journey, I sat down and thought long and hard about what my goals were going to be this time. My goals were to give it all I had so that I could win this challenge. I had a winning mindset from the beginning, hoping to change the way I ate and to see positive results.

These were my actual goals: I will love my body back to super health! I will take time in my training recovery, and the life I love to rehab my body to the best it can feel. I will look better naked and feel good about looking at myself naked. I want more muscle, less body fat and to eat a lot more healthier. I want to get me in a pair of bootie shorts and say, “Damn girl, you look fine!!” and be proud wearing them to the gym :) I will get to my goal weight of 125 lbs or better. I have accomplished these goals and so much more. By following the program every day, eating clean and listening to my body, I have seen such tremendous results and am so proud of myself.
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