Issue #22 | August 16th 2014
 Welcome to the Lean Body for Her Newsletter.   


In this week's edition, Cecile Bayeul clears up a few misconceptions about what it takes to get flat abs.  This is a popular topic so be sure to follow her tips for building a stomach you're proud of.

This week's recipe is perfect for you busy gals on the go!  It's packed with protein and delicious.  Enjoy! 


I often get questions on how to burn the fat that covers the abdominal muscles.  While we cannot spot reduce, there are a few things you can do to uncover your abdominal muscles.  Follow Cecile's tips and to be well on your way to achieving the midsection you want.


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Should I eat a meal before lifting weights?

It's best to eat a meal at least thirty minutes or an hour before lifting weights.  Your body needs fuel to push through a workout, so make sure each meal consists of a lean protein and complex carbohydrate.  Healthy fats are great in moderation. Protein stimulates muscle growth and carbs give your body energy.  If you tend to workout early in the morning and don't have time to eat, you can always reach for a meal replacement shake like Lean Body for Her.  Working out consistently and proper nutrition are the keys to achieving your best results.