You are Getting Fit,
Despite What the Scale Says
This is it. The moment of truth. You’ve been working your butt off for the past three weeks – sweating, toiling, even packing healthy lunches (gasp) – and now the scale is about to reward you. You’ve removed all but the bare minimum of clothes (you don’t want to get a false read, after all), and it’s time to relish in your newfound weight loss. You’re hoping to be down a solid 15 pounds, but you’ll be happy with 10.
15 Foods That are Great
for Cutting Body Fat
Getting rid of unwanted body-fat can be quite a challenge, especially when you’re paying your dues in the gym and not seeing results. Given this, it’s imperative you dial your diet in and emphasize the right foods to promote the fat-loss process.
10 Ways to Raise
Fit & Healthy Kids
They grow up so fast, don’t they? Those cute little Mini-Mes of yours will be asking to borrow your car keys before you know it! Now is a great time to introduce them to a healthy, active lifestyle – and here are 10 easy ways to do it!
Gingerbread Bundt Cake
with Caramel Apple Sauce
Pile on the smooth, sweet, and delectable glaze that elevates this Gingerbread Bundt Cake from great to perfect! Don’t feel guilty, either. With low sugar per slice, it won’t give you the sugar rush that the traditional cake does.
Lean Body
Alexsis Starr
Lost 22.8 lbs, 4.3% Body Fat
This whole challenge has taught me both physically and emotionally to open up more and lean on God with everything, because without his strength and guidance, I wouldn’t have been able to complete this. I’ve tried challenges before and always fallen short or just not finished. My physical success was that I by far surpassed the goal weight I had set for myself. I set my goal to loose about 15lbs. I honestly never in my mind would have thought that I would have ever been able to make that or surpass it, but I did and I made it to 112!

Seeing the weight fall off over this time span was crazy to me. This was just an outward success though. Emotionally … I’ve never seen myself as beautiful or having an attractive body, but now I look at myself and I am PROUD and I love the tiger stripes I have from my girls and the imperfections that I see. Obviously I know it can be a mind game every day and a work in progress, but I feel accomplished and like this is mentally where I have always wanted to be with my body.
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