Issue #21 | August 9th 2014


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In this week's edition, Lauren Frahn tells us ways to get out a slump and start feeling fabulous!  Her tips will leave you feeling rejuvenated and motivated.

 This week's recipe will definitely keep that sweet tooth under control!  Cool off your hot summer day the Lean Body way!

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When is the last time you can say you felt fabulous and happy?  Hopefully, now!  If not, I recommend reading our feature article for 10 "get happy" tips that will have a big impact on your mood today.



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Is it beneficial to eat protein directly after my workout , how do you recommend I go about it ?

It's best to consume a protein source after you workout in order to feed your muscles.  Protein shakes are ideal because they are convenient and you simply need to add water.  

Pack an apple in your gym bag as a source of carbohydrates to pair with your shake and consume within 30 minutes following your workout.  The carbs from the apple act as a broom and sweep the protein into your muscles.