Issue #2| March 22nd 2014
Welcome to the  Lean Body for Her Newsletter. 
In this week's edition, Kelsey Byers explains how to stay fit during pregnancy, a topic close to my heart!
My very own "Ask Jamie" focuses on how I gained 15 lbs in college and the principles I used to lose my "skinny-fat" physique.
For those of you who love your pizza , today's recipe is a high protein version packed with Mediterranean vegetables and Sharon's back with more fun comic strips - this one really rang true to me!
Keep your eyes peeled for next week, we've got even more features coming up. 
Until next time... 
Rise & Shine,



In our feature article, Kelsey Byers writes on the importance of approaching pregnancy with a specific plan: to stay healthy and active.  Don't miss out on Kelsey's tips on staying fit and eating healthy during pregnancy. 


In this quick video , Jamie provides an answer to whether she's every been really out of shape and what she's found has been her best methods for getting and staying in shape.