December 30th 2017 | Issue #199
10 New Year's Resolutions
That are Easy to Keep

When it comes to choosing a New Year's resolution, many of us take the "Go Big or Go Home" route. While there's nothing wrong with picking one epic goal, sometimes it's the smaller ones that have a higher success rate. Here are 10 random New Year's resolutions that are easy to achieve AND good for your mind, body, and soul.

8 Ways To Control 
Weight Gain

6 Tips To Stay Lean
During the Holidays

That's right, it's the holidays. And every year, they threaten to wreak havoc on your waistline. Just follow these helpful tips to keep you in the safe zone...
Check out this weeks featured video article for strategies to enjoy yourself over the holidays but at the same time not leave yourself regretting a 5 day food binge!

Banana Walnut Blondie Protein Squares

Enjoy this treat and experience the delicious combo of bananas, chocolate, and walnuts. These blondies are made with grain-free flours & have no added sugar, making them a perfect gluten-free, guilt-free treat!

Transformation Of The Week

Erin lost 18lbs, plus 6% Body Fat and transformed her body using the Lean Body Challenge. Find out how you can enter for free and transform your body.