November 25th 2017 | Issue #194
6 Pick-Me-Ups for a Boring Workout Routine

Have you lost that lovin' feeling with your fitness routine? Is working out starting to feel more like a nagging chore than a fun pick-me-up? If so, it's time to get the passion back. These six simple steps will help rekindle the spark between you and your workout plan. 

8 Ways To Control
Holiday Weight Gain

Carbs : Friend or Foe

That's right, it's the holidays. And every year, they threaten to wreak havoc on your waistline. Just follow these helpful tips to keep you in the safe zone...
Ah, the age-old question: Are carbs good or bad for you if you're trying to lose weight and get toned?  To gain some clarity on the big carb debate, keep reading...

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Muffins

This treat reminds me of warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies, but in mini muffin form. The texture of these is light and fluffy, making them a delicious little gluten-free treat to grab on the go!

Transformation Of The Week

Mindy dropped 23lbs, plus 12% Body Fat and transformed her body using the Lean Body Challenge. Find out how you can enter for free and transform your body.

Workout Of The Week