October 7th 2017 | Issue #187
4 Leg and Glute Exercises 
That You're Doing Wrong

Even if you've been an avid gym goer for a few years, you still may be making subtle mistakes as you try to shape your lower half with these exercises. If you are, you're not only missing out on quality gains in your glutes, but you could be opening yourself up to injury.

Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

For all you peanut butter lovers, these warm and chewy cookies are just for you! Using gluten-free oats and brown rice flour makes these cookies a delicious gluten-free treat.

Transformation Of The Week

Lacey dropped 6bs and over 5% Bodyfat and transformed her body using the Lean Body Challenge. Find out how you can enter for free and transform your body.

Workout Of The Week