July 29th 2017 | Issue #177

5 Time-Saving Tips To 
Fit In More Exercise
Tick-tock. There are some days when time seems to fly by at warp speed, leaving all your fitness goals in its tracks. You have the best intentions of making it to the gym, but somehow the day is gone before you can even lace up your runners. So, what can you do when the craziness of life keeps getting in the way of your exercise plans? Here are five easy tips to make time work in your favor!

Lean Body Spicy Enchilada Pasta

Spicy, delicious, packed with protein, and quick! This Lean Body Spicy Enchilada Pasta recipe is great for meal prep, it is travel friendly, and is guaranteed to get everyone around you salivating! This dish will satisfy and give you peace of mind knowing this pasta dish is actually good for you. Bring it to your next family gathering or office party.

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