June 17th 2017 | Issue #170

Top 5 Healthy Ways to Dine-Out

If you're going out to dinner but want to keep it healthy , while still enjoying your meal out, then some minor adjustments, proactive research, and faith in yourself could be the difference between keeping your diet on track and binging your progress away.

Summertime Strawberry & 
Peach Crumble Muffins

Summertime isn't complete without these easy-to-make sweet and fluffy protein muffins. You'll get a little tartness from the fruit and an added crunch from the crumble topping. Making these muffins a great combo of flavors and texture! What I love most about being a recipe developer is utilizing fresh, in-season produce for my treats and dishes. This muffins are a great example of that.

Workout Of The Week!