June 3rd 2017 | Issue #169

Top 7 Nutrition Mistakes
Derailing Your Progress

You've been working hard - hitting the gym and cutting out all those high sugar and high fat foods you used to enjoy. At first, you saw decent progress. But now, it may seem like things have slowed to a crawl. What gives? How come your body has stopped responding? It's like something is now broken...

Recipe Hacks- 
Cut Calories, Not Taste!

Benefits of Whey Protein
For Women

Eating healthy is no small task, and it certainly can be tricky at first. In this article, we'll break-down some simple recipe hacks you can use to drastically reduce calorie content - without losing the taste!
If your goal is to be healthy and fit, whey protein can play a pivotal role in your diet. But what exactly is whey protein, and how does it benefit females. Be sure to check out this in-depth look at how whey protein works and the many positive attributes it has for women.

Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Doughnuts

I made these mint chocolate chip protein doughnuts for St. Patrick's Day, and because I've been seriously craving that mint chocolate combo! The chocolate doughnuts are dense and moist, while the mint frosting is creamy and refreshing; littered with mini chocolate chips. Instead of artificial green food coloring, I made my own natural food coloring using - wait for it - boiled spinach! As weird as it may sound, it worked perfectly. You literally can't taste even a hint of spinach! If you're still afraid to try the crazy spinach idea, just use a few drops of green food coloring instead.

Workout Of The Week!

The Lean Body Transformation Of The Week!

When the Lean Body Challenge began, I was a couple weeks post knee surgery #4 (with my previous knee surgery having been 4 months prior this one), so I knew I had an extremely challenging road ahead, physically and emotionally. The pain and frustration was very real, as being an active mother of four (5 years and under), used to having full control over most things, I didn't anymore. Telling myself, "One day at a time, I've got this" and most importantly when I felt like I couldn't do it anymore, "remember why you're doing it and who's watching", kept the fire in my heart burning.

I am grateful and humbled to know those challenges have shaped me for who I am today. I am stronger and passionate for others to know that if you truly believe in yourself, you can accomplish more then you imagine. Showing others that the impossible IS POSSIBLE, is is the message I want to share with others. - Katelyn