May 27th 2017 | Issue #168

Tabata H.I.I.T. Cardio
Training For Beginners

Most women assume that cardio is all about quantity; the longer you walk or jog on the treadmill, the faster the results. What if we told you it's not the quantity of exercise that matters, but the intensity. Don't believe us? Check out this article that talks all about Tabata training - a form of exercise that can help you boost fat loss in as little as 4 minutes!

Recipe Hacks: Cut Calories - Not Taste!

Benefits of Whey Protein For Women

Eating healthy is no small task, and it certainly can be tricky at first. In this article, we'll break-down some simple recipe hacks you can use to drastically reduce calorie content - without losing the taste!
If your goal is to be healthy and fit, whey protein can play a pivotal role in your diet. But what exactly is whey protein, and how does it benefit females. Be sure to check out this in-depth look at how whey protein works and the many positive attributes it has for women.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Protein Pancakes

I'm celebrating "Peanut Butter & Jelly Day" early with this glorious stack of peanut butter pancakes! They're topped with smashed berries and drizzled in melted peanut butter. The pancakes are so tender and fluffy - easily my best (and simplest) pancake recipe! Every time I make these, I'm stuck on them for a few days. They are just that good!

The Lean Body Transformation Of The Week!

In the past I've tried to lose weight and get in shape. I've always had this image in my head of how I would like to look and feel. The cover models on Oxygen magazine have always been an inspiration and a wild dream of something that I could one day look like. But time and time again I would start out strong and as the weeks and months progressed I would lose all motivation, gain the weight back and forget what the inside of the gym looked like. This time was different. I'm not sure if it was my age and the maturity that comes with it, or the other habits I picked up this time around. The materials provided by the Labrada team were invaluable. The weekly emails, and especially the Facebook group, were resources I leaned on heavily during the challenge.

There were so many motivational and inspiring women in the group that it would have been hard to lose traction. Any time there was somebody that was having a hard day those women were there to lift them up and support them. I'm very honored to have been a part of this group. Jamie was the first fitness woman I started to follow and has serves as an inspiration for years. Her videos, articles and especially her recipes have helped me tremendously throughout the years and this challenge. Her kind and down to earth persona has always resonated with me and serves as an example of the person I would like be be.

- Kate