April 29th 2017 | Issue #164

20 Minute Ab & Core Workout

You don' t need to go to the gym for a good ab and core routine that will help tone and flatten your core region. All you will need for this 20-minute ab and core routine is a soft floor or mat to lie on at home (or anywhere you may be).

5 Tips To Stay Healthy When You're On-The-Go!

Food Intolerances & Allergies : Myth vs Fact!

Traveling and being on-the-go are often necessary parts of life, especially as we grow older. But, being away from home shouldn't get in the way of your health and fitness goals,
no matter the circumstances. Here are 5 simple, effective tips to help you keep healthy while on-the-go!

Gluten-free products and diets are rapidly growing in popularity, but statistics suggest very few people are actually intolerant (or allergic) to wheat-based foods? Moreover, many people don't seem to really understand what the difference between food allergies and intolerance even are. 

The Lean Body Transformation Of The Week! 

"I needed to change my life and body, because I was going down the wrong path. And I was unhappy with myself. I know this challenge gives a lot of tips and support to start my new life. After completing the challenge it is definitely the hardest I have ever worked in my life, but also the best decision I ever made!" - Kally Platzner

Chicken Satay Skewers

If you haven't ordered these at your favorite Japanese restaurant, you are missing out! Perhaps the thought of a rich, high-cal peanut butter sauce is causing this avoidance. Well, I've got a perfect solution for you! You get a triple benefit of having a low-fat peanut sauce, the ability to make them at home, and they are absolutely delicious!

Time To Work Those Legs!