Issue #16 | June 29th 2014
Welcome to the Lean Body for Her Newsletter.   


In this week's edition, Brooke Halyn offers tips on how to be successful with a healthy lifestyle, specifically meal prep. Keeping your nutrition healthy and consistent is key to attaining your goals in fitness and weight loss.

This week's recipe is delicious and filling! It's perfect for lunch or dinner and would be great if you're having guests over.

Don't miss Eve Dawe's Sexy Sculpted Shoulders Workout of the Day routine!  It's a can't miss! 


Have a great week and remember...

Rise & Shine! 

In our feature article, Brooke discusses her schedule and how she successfully sticks with her goals by prepping her meals ahead of time.  Let's face it, we are all busy!  Why not save that extra time you'd spend cooking in the kitchen and spend it with your loved ones or use it for a hobby?

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