March 25h 2017 | Issue #159

5 Ways To Move More When You Have to Skip The Gym

We've all been there: You're running short on time in the morning or, after a long stressful day, you're just not in the mood for the gym. It happens to the best of us, and is a normal part of living a busy life.
Missing your session doesn't mean you have to miss out on all activity for the day, though. There are plenty of ways to get your blood flowing without doing bicep curls or running on the treadmill. Next time you skip the gym; use these tips to make your day more active.

 5 Healthy Foods That Aren't That Healthy

6 Of The Best Women's Health Supplements

It just so happens that much of what you assume are healthy food options may be quite the opposite. Let's uncovers the ambiguity behind these secretly unhealthy foods. 
 Be sure to check out this article that breaks down 6 proven supplement ingredients that females can count on for better health.

The Lean Body Transformation Of The Week! 

"I truly enjoy encouraging others and sharing what fitness has done for me! My fitness journey is full of both mistakes and lessons. But, one thing has remained constant is the way it makes me feel! It has a ripple effect that touches every area of my life!." - Brandalyn Byler

Creamy Cocoa Cashew Cottage Cheese

Craving dessert but can't afford the carbs? Try this Cocoa Cashew Cottage Cheese recipe. It is completely packed with slow-digesting protein. This makes it a great recipe you can eat before bedtime. It has only 9 grams of net carbs, and a ton of delicious cocoa flavor! Here's the best part: you can put it in the fridge for a quick ice cream-like texture! What's not to love?

Total Glutes Workout!