March 4th 2017 | Issue #156

For many of us, the stroke of midnight on December 31st 2016 was a symbolic press of the reset button. We entered the New Year with optimism, seeing it as an opportunity to redirect our lives, placing it on a path that would lead us to happiness and self-fulfillment. For thousands of women, this path included a promise to themselves that they would commit to a healthier lifestyle by incorporating exercise and proper nutrition into their daily regimen; however, daily pressures and family life can cause many of us to fall of the wagon. Check out todays article for 5 tips to staying motivated.

Many women are intimidated by the thought of lifting weights. However, resistance training has so many benefits that cardio doesn't, making it imperative for keeping lean and fit. So Ladies, don't be afraid to lift. Find out more...
Bodyweight exercises are the core of resistance training and some of the most effective movements you can do to improve your fitness and physique. 

The Lean Body Transformation Of The Week! 

I fit into 2-3 dress sizes smaller than I was. My skin is radiant, my hair and nails have never been healthier. My energy, that is through the roof. Emotionally, I feel more balanced, kinder to myself and those around me. I am beyond motivated to inspire and encourage ANYONE who will listen. - Becca

Quick & Tasty Low Carb Tuna Tabbouleh
Are you ready for a quick, low carb, and keto friendly recipe? If so, try this Keto Tuna Tabbouleh! Packed with healthy fats, only 6g of net carbs, and a ton of flavor. This recipe is a must if you're always on-the-go!

Anybody Want a Lean,Toned Midsection?
Getting a six pack is largely a function of a solid nutrition plan, but once you've removed the fat if you want to show off a lean midsection you need to attack your abs from multiple angles, so check out Meg's absolutely amazing abs routine.