Feb 18th 2017 | Issue #154

Fiber is arguably the most overlooked aspect of a healthy diet. Many people get less than 15 to 20g of fiber per day, which is far too little for healthy gastrointestinal function. But, what is it about fiber that makes it so crucial for health and well-being? Read on to learn all about how fiber works and the best foods to eat!

There's no quick fix when it comes to well-being. Nurturing your body and mind is a long-term endeavor. But, that doesn't stop fad diets and the marketers promoting them from buttering-up consumers with ads full of empty promises.
Bodyweight exercises are the core of resistance training and some of the most effective movements you can do to improve your fitness and physique. 

The Lean Body Challenge
Transformation Of The Week! 
This week's Lean Body Transformation belongs to Jessica,  who took first place in our 2014 Lean Body Challenge 18-29 division. Jessica lost 9lbs and dropped 8% body fat in just 12 weeks following the
Lean Body Challenge Program and using Labrada Nutrition supplements.

"Many challenges were faced, but overcome. I learned to take one day at a time, and if things were just too crazy, it's ok to miss a day to get myself refocused. I am the mother of 5 beautiful children, ages 8 to 1. My life to say the least is very busy and at times overwhelming. I would love to help encourage and motivate other mothers that they too can take that step to live a more healthy and active lifestyle."
- Jessica Forsyth

High Protein, Low Fat Doughnuts!
There's just something about doughnuts that I absolutely love! However, I don't eat them that often because they are not exactly "healthy"...until now! My Vanilla Spice Donuts have no added sugar, only 130 calories and 6 grams of fat each; so now you can have one (or two) without a bit of guilt! 

Lean, Toned and Shapely Legs with Meg!
Hey Ladies, if you're after a great workout to train your legs and glutes then check out Team
Lean Body for Her Athlete Meg Wallace's Lean Leg Day Workout. It contains everything you need for shapely legs and firm glutes!