Issue #15 | June 21st 2014
Welcome to the Lean Body for Her Newsletter. 

In this week's edition, Eve Dawes provides some easy and quick snack ideas for those times when we're busy and on the go!  Which is pretty much all the, I know I can certainly use these tips.

This week's recipe looks delicious and refreshing!  It's perfect for lunch on a hot summer day.   

Sharon is back with more fun comics...this one is too funny!
And, if you missed it last week, congrats go out to Lisa Monroe,

2014 Lean Body Champion!

Have a great week and remember...

Rise & Shine!

In our feature article, Eve makes it impossible to miss meals with these convenient snack ideas.  Pack some of these snacks in your purse when you're out and about.  Don't miss out on your goals just because you are busy.

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