Jan 14th 2017 | Issue #149




Ever found yourself in a pinch for time and wanting to get an effective workout in at home or anywhere outside of a gym? Bodyweight exercises are the core of resistance training and some of the most effective movements you can do to improve your fitness and physique. Read the article for the top 10 you can do at home.


Unless you've been living under a rock the last few years, you'll be well aware of the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids. In today's article we look at the core difference between Krill and Fish oil and see which wins the battle to provide the ultimate Omega 3 supplement.

Whether it is to re-shape your physique, better your relationships or improve your finances, the key thing is to analyze the things that you want to accomplish this year, set goals, create an action plan and most importantly: TAKE ACTION! WITHOUT ACTION there is NO REACTION!


Sugar Free, Protein Coconut Cupcakes - Yes Please!

Don't let these small cupcakes fool you - they are packed with sweet flavors of vanilla and coconut while still being free of sugar! The icing is also a perfectly smooth and tasty topping to these light cupcakes.


Anybody Want Toned Arms & Shoulders?

Well-toned and defined arms make any tank top or sleeveless dress look amazing. Check out Team Lean Body For Her, Meg Wallace's Shoulder and Arm workout below.