Dec 17th 2016 | Issue #145

You know they're on the way: multiple invitations enticing you to celebrate the season by eating, drinking, and being merry. Along with each invite comes the promise of a great time filled with friends and family so naturally, you are eager to attend. So how can we stay on track and still relish in the joys of the season? Here are five tips that may help you not only keep your holidays healthy, but that may help you well into the New Year. Read on to find out more.

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Lean Body® for Her Natural Whey Protein
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Protein Enriched Pancakes !
What's better than sinking your teeth into warm, fluffy pancakes? How about knowing that they are good for you when you take every delicious bite? Not only are these Orange Pecan Pumpkin Pancakes super yummy, but also they are packed with protein and fiber to leave you satisfied with a full tummy and a warm heart. Enjoy the flavors of the holiday season!

Legs & Glutes To Die For With Vanessa!

If you're frustrated sitting on pancakes and you want an amazing butt and toned muscular legs then it's time to follow Vanessa's lead and check out this weeks legs and glutes workout.