November 19th 2016 | Issue #141

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters are some of the most elite athletes in terms of conditioning, strength, explosiveness, and agility because of the sport's requisite demand for versatility. Not only that, MMA fighters are generally very lean individuals and they maintain that shape even when they're not preparing for an upcoming fight. Check out this article to learn how to implement MMA style training into your regimen and burn fat and build muscle in the process.

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Getting rid of unwanted body-fat can be quite a challenge, especially when you're paying your dues in the gym and not seeing the results you expect. Check out this article for 15 foods that are great for igniting your fat loss efforts!
Many people may find themselves seeking out every possible remedy to boost their immune system. By incorporating a variety of the foods listed in this article you should have most all of your bases covered. Check out these ten foods that are great for your immune system

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It's Fudge, It's Chocolate, It's Protein! 

Not all brownies mean a bulging waistline. Indulge the right way with this sweet treat. When it comes to desserts, it's hard to top a well-made brownie. Nothing beats the gooeyness of a square of moist fudge cake - except, maybe, three times the fudge. Triple the delicious taste of this decadent dessert while cutting back on calories, carbs, and fat with this protein-based brownie recipe.

Not Much Beats Lunges for A Great Butt!

If you want a great bottom you've got to train it like any other muscle. Check out this weeks 100 Lunge challenge  from Lauren Felton.