November 5th 2016 | Issue #139

Getting rid of unwanted body-fat can be quite a challenge, especially when you're paying your dues in the gym and not seeing the results you expect. Given this, it's imperative you dial your diet in and emphasize the right foods to promote the fat-loss process. Check out this article for 15 foods that are great for igniting your fat loss efforts!

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What is it about gluten in particular that has scared consumers away and is leading food manufacturers to remove it from many of their products? Read on to find out why...
Energy balance is indeed the main factor behind whether or not you will lose body-fat at the end of the day. But, that doesn't mean there aren't other factors at play.

Lean BodyŽ for Her Natural Whey Protein
A Vitamin Designed Specifically for Women

Peanut Butter,  Chocolate, Protein & Pie!

What happens if you combine peanut butter, chocolate , protein and pie together? You get this amazing high protein treat from Lean Body For Her , resident chef Nicolette. Check it out!

Want Shapely Legs & Glutes Like Giselle?

Mom of three and Team Labrada athlete Giselle Falla knows a thing or two about building great legs and glutes. She's transformed her physique over the last few years using these exercises , so follow her lead.