Issue #138| Oct 29th 2016
Energy balance is indeed the main factor behind whether or not you will lose body-fat at the end of the day. But, that doesn't mean there aren't other factors at play that can influence your fat loss efforts. Check out this article for 10 research-proven methods to get those six-pack abs you've been yearning for!

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What is it about gluten in particular that has scared consumers away and is leading food manufacturers to remove it from many of their products? Read on to find out why...
Is supplement advertising accurate? Learn how to sniff out over-hyped labels.

There's Always Time For A Muffin!

Everybody loves a home made muffin and these protein enriched muffins are no exception. Simple and easy to make, you can increase your protein intake and enjoy a little treat after your workout.

3 in 1 Soccer Workout Of The Week!

Check out this weeks Workout of The Week from Team Labrada athlete Meg Wallace.  This will work your cardiovascular system, burn calories, and tone your legs - all in one.