Issue #106| March 19th 2016
Do you struggle making life work with the needs your family and pursuing your fitness goals? Do you wish you could add a few more hours to your day to include fitness? Do you want to get in shape, but don't have an idea how to do that with your already super busy life? Fitness and motherhood are seemingly mutually exclusive or an oxymoron, right? Often times it can feel like two magnets that are always forcing against one another refusing to connect. Read on for some ideas of how to find that balance between work, family and fitness.

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I still look in the mirror every morning and pinch at my stomach. I pinch at my hips, and frown at the folds of skin I see in my back when I rotate my trunk.  I call my condition "proportion distortion."  Read on to hear my story and how I cope with this condition.

By Elizabeth Anastasopoulos 
If you're constantly gaining and losing weight and never able to keep it off permanently , you've fallen into the yo-yo dieting trap. The hormonal effect of dieting this way can cause long term metabolic damage. Find out how to lose the weight - and keep it off.

By Elizabeth Anastasopoulos