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Labrada Super Charge! Xtreme

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9.5 reasons to switch to Super Charge!® Xtreme.

Now Available in 320g Bottles!

SuperCharge 320g Bottles
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The New and Improved

Super Charge! Xtreme

Energy and Performance Enhancer Drink Mix

All-New and Improved Formula Instantly Increases Muscle Size, Energy, and Strength!

Super Charge! Xtreme N.O.

is designed to increase your strength, energy, and focus only 30 minutes after ingesting it.  Based on ongoing clinical studies, SuperCharge! increased user’s mental energy by 82%  and their bench press reps by 39%. 

Super Charge! Xtreme N.O.

accomplishes this with an array of key active ingredients that help to enhance muscle size and hardness, while creating a much more anabolic environment and greatly speeding up recovery.

Super Charge! Xtreme N.O.

Product Highlights

Cuts Physical Fatigue in Half! Powered by 1.5g Beta-Alanine per serving to increase carnosine production in muscle. Helps normalize muscle pH so you can exercise longer and harder with less fatigue. Works synergistically with creatine to maximize lean body mass and reduce body fat.
Cuts Mental Fatigue in Half! Powered by Pikatropin™, a nootropic compound that increases blood flow to the brain and lessens mental fatigue. Improves hand-eye coordination and reaction time.  Enhances mental focus and clarity for maximal workout intensity.
Increases Strength Powered by 2CM™ Di-Creatine Malate, an ionic bound compound of creatine and malic acid that produces stronger muscular contractions and power.
Increases Muscle Volume and Lean Body Mass---Starting with the first dose!  Powered by Nitrous Malate,  a superior form of Arginine designed to engorge your muscles with blood and sustain whole body pumps, along with Taurine, a powerful muscle cell volumizer.
Jump Starts Recovery Puts recovery from workouts on hyperspeed so that you can get stronger, faster with the power of 1,000 mg of N-Acetyl-L-Glutamine.

No Ingredients Hidden in “Proprietary Blends.” Meets Label Claim. Trust it!  Unlike other companies, Labrada does not hide the amount of the active ingredients of their products in a “Proprietary Blend.”  We believe that our consumers have the right to know what they are paying for and how much they are getting.  All Labrada Products are backed by Lee Labrada’s Quality Guarantee Seal: “If it’s on the Label, it’s in the Bottle”™
Clinically Tested it Works! 

Super Charge! Xtreme

is the subject of ongoing clinical studies and is guaranteed to work better than competing brands, backed by our money-back guarantee.  The latests clinical tests find that it increased users’ mental energy by 82% and their bench press reps by 39%. 
#1 Best Tasting Pre-Workout Drink!  Labrada is known for great tasting products and taste awards.

Super Charge! Xtreme

is the best tasting product of its kind available in delicious Fruit Punch, Grape and Orange flavors.  Try it for yourself!

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Super Charge! Xtreme

Key Ingredients

Below is a list of

Super Charge! Xtreme

key ingredients and their function:

Caffeine Increases Energy, Focus and Pain Tolerance


  • Increases the Pump, Cell Volume and Protein Synthesis (which helps to increase muscle mass)
  • Precursor to NO2 and Creatine

Creapure®- Purest German creatine monohydrate

  • Increases ATP Production for More Repetitions
  • Increases Cell Volume


  • Increases number of reps you can perform
  • Lowers Lactic Acid-Improves recovery by reducing lactic acid accumulation
  • Increase carnosine production in muscle. Helps normalize muscle pH so you can exercise longer and harder with less fatigue.


  • Increases the Firing of Nerve Impulses into your Muscles for Maximizing Strength
  • Increases Cell Volume


  • Increases Cell Volume and Immunity
  • GH Releaser
  • Anti-Catabolic Agent
  • Glycogen Sparing

Visit the Labrada store and get up to 50% of this product


Super Charge! Xtreme N.O.


Labrada Nutrition CEO and IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Hall of Famer Lee Labrada calls the

Super Charge! Xtreme “ a cutting edge tool for the nutritional arsenal of any serious  bodybuilder or athlete who not only wants consistently great workouts,  but a competitive edge in recovery that he won’t find in any competing product.”

Bodybuilders across America
are raving about the results they
see from SUPER CHARGE!®

Guys, I gotta tell you, not many of these type of products really blow me away. This Super Charge! is freaking awesome. Great mental focus, great energy levels, and I got a crazy, crazy pump...Anyone that is looking for a new preworkout product to try, try this, you will love it!
-Daniel Melkild, Baton Rouge, LA

As a consumer, I get so much more energy with Super Charge!T than anything else. As a retailer, the first day I put Super Charge!T on the shelf, I sold 4 bottles in just a few hours! This product is amazing and everyone wants to get their hands on it!
-Troy Suddarth, Rowlett, TX

I'm really impressed with Super Charge!T I usually drink thermogenic drinks before each workout, but this was a definite eye opener.
-Mark Burns, Etters, PA

Compared to other products I have used in the past, Super Charge!T gave me a great pump with tons of energy. The best part, I didn't crash at the end.
-Jeff Taylor, Bellevue, WA

I was in a zone the entire workout, and thought my arms were going to rip through the skin. After the workout I didn't get the usual tired feeling; I was Charged for the next 5 hours.
-Mickey McClure, Fort Worth, TX

This is the real deal. I have never used a product like this one before and I have been using supplements for many, many years.
-Mark DiMuzio, Hoboken, NJ

I was a little skeptical about the product, but after one use of Super Charge!T I was sold. The day I used

Super Charge! Xtreme

! I was going for a physical test for the fire department. I finished the test scoring in the top 95 percentile. I am not that great of an athlete but using Super Charge week after week, I keep seeing my results get better and better. Next week I have an interview for the position of firefighter. I owe my physical success to Super Charge!
-Mike Sheridan

Not only was my pump massive but I was also able to take complete advantage of it... I hit my nech-press goal for the week on my first use of

Super Charge! Xtreme

and my workout partner was blown away... He's still trying to catch up... It made him a believer and now I'm a believer too... This stuff really works!!
-Adrian Day, Moses Lake, WA

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Super Charge! Xtreme


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