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Lee Labrada


  • Birth Place: Havanna, Cuba
  • Birth Date: March 8, 1960
  • Height: 5’6"
  • Contest Weight: 185-193 lbs, Currently 175 lbs
  • Current Residence: Houston, TX
  • Occupation: Founder and CEO, Labrada Nutrition

Lee’s Supplement Stack

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Lee’s Photo Gallery

Lee’s Bio

  • Favorite Body part(s) to train: I love them all equally, just like my three children!
  • Favorite Exercise(s): Love them all!
  • Favorite Cheat food(s): Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Chocolate
  • Favorite TV show(s): NCAA and NFL football
  • Favorite Movie(s): Gladiator, Forrest Gump, The Passion of the Christ, Rocky
  • Favorite Actor(s) or Actress(s): Russell Crowe, Matt Damon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Pitt
  • Favorite Musician(s): Creed & Alter Bridge
  • Favorite Sport(s)- Excluding Bodybuilding: Football, CrossFit
  • Favorite Sports Team: Rockets
  • Favorite Music to train to: Alter Bridge, Creed, Shinedown, POD, Breaking Benjamin, Andre Bocelli
  • Hobbies: Bodybuilding, playing electric guitar(6 and 7 string), boating, scuba diving, shooting
  • Pets: A horse, dog, and a cat!
  • When did you start training?: When I was 16 years old, in an effort to get bigger and stronger for football. I found out that I was a better bodybuilder than a football player.
  • What is your Motivation to compete, stay in shape?: To look fit and muscular at any age, and to inspire others to do the same. I have an inner desire to better myself constantly, and to glorify God by taking what he has blessed me with and doing the best job I can with it.
  • What goals do you have in bodybuilding?: I want to be healthy as I age so that I can remain very active and mentally sharp. I want to emulate the great fitness icons of our time... men like Jack LaLanne. Bodybuilding is the key to health and longevity. It is the closest thing to the fabled Fountain of Youth. Bodybuilding is a lifelong path and passion for me. I do it because I love it.
  • What goals do you have outside of bodybuilding?: To get as many people into shape as I can! I want to be a fitness evangelist, carrying the message of improved health and strength to anyone who will listen.
  • What advice would you give to beginners?: It's the path that makes the champion; you win on a day by day basis by doing your best at everything you do. Remember that fitness is a lifestyle, and it is not a race, but a marathon.

Competition History

  • 1982 NPC Collegiate Texas Championships: 1st
  • 1982 NPC Jr. Gulf Coast Championships: 1st

  • 1983 NPC Texas Bodybuilding Championships: 1st

  • 1984 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships: 1st Runner-up

  • 1985 NPC Nationals: 1st

  • 1985 IFBB Mr. Universe: 1st

  • 1986 IFBB Night of Champions: 1st

  • 1987 IFBB Professional World Championships: 1st Runner-up

  • 1987 Mr. Olympia: 2nd Runner-Up

  • 1988 Mr. Olympia: 3rd Runner-Up

  • 1988 Greek Grand Prix: 1st

  • 1988 British Grand Prix: 1st

  • 1988 Spanish Grand Prix: 1st

  • 1989 Mr. Olympia: 1st Runner-Up

  • 1989 British Grand Prix: 1st

  • 1989 Netherlands Grand Prix: 1st

  • 1989 Finnish Grand Prix: 1st

  • 1990 Mr. Olympia: 1st Runner-Up

  • 1991 Mr. Olympia: 3rd Runner-Up

  • 1992 Mr. Olympia: 2nd Runner-Up

  • 1992 Pro World Cup:1st

  • 1993 Ironman Invitational: 1st Runner-Up

  • 1993 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic: 1st Runner-Up

  • 1993 Mr. Olympia: 3rd Runner-Up


  • DAY 1:

    Bench Press, Flat Dumbbell Flys, Incline Dumbbell Flys, Incline Bench Press, Dumbbell Pullovers, Cable Flys

  • DAY 1 (Continued):

    Side Lateral with Dumbbells, Dumbbell Press, Behind the Neck Press, Upright Rows, Alternate Dumbbell Raises, Cable Lateral Raises

  • Day 1 (Continued):

    Tricep Pushdown, Alternate Dumbbell Tricep Extension, Lying Tricep Extension, Dips

  • Day 2:

    Closed Grip Underhand Pulldown, Bentover Row, Dumbbell Row, Pulley Cable Rows, Dumbbell Shrugs, Deadlift

  • Day 2 (Continued):

    Concentration Curls with Dumbbell, Barbell Curls, Hammer Curls with Dumbbells, Preacher Curls

  • Day 2 (Continued):

    Wrist curls with barbell

  • DAY 3:

    Leg Press, Squats, Leg Extension, Single leg lunging squats

  • DAY 3 (Continued):

    Leg Curls, Stiff Legged Deadlift, Seated Leg Curls

  • DAY 3 (Continued):

    Seated Calf Raise, Standing Calf Raise, Incline Leg Press Toe Press

  • DAY 3 (Continued):

    Crunches, Hanging Leg Raises

Competition Workout: Same as off-season training, except the weights are lighter, allowing for 10 reps per set with good form; and the tempo of the workout is faster, with less rest between sets. I also increase cardio to 30 minutes per session, 5X per week.

Lee’s Diet at a Glance

  • Meal 1:

    10 Egg Whites, 1 Cup Oatmeal, 1 Cup Greek Zero Fat Yogurt, 1Tablespoon Fish Oil

  • Pre-Workout:

    GlutaLean®, BCAA-Power™, Stim-Force™

  • Post Workout:

    Lean Body® Ready to Drink Meal Replacement Shake, 1 Scoop Power Carb™, 1 Tablespoon Fish Oil, 3 HICA MAX Tablets

  • Meal 2:

    8oz. Chicken Breast, 10oz. Sweet Potato, 1 Cup Vegetables, Nuts-- Almonds, Cashews, Seeds

  • Meal 3:

    8oz. Chicken Breast, 1.5 cup Rice Mixed with Black Beans, 1 Cup Vegetables, Granola Muffin

  • Meal 4:

    8oz Salmon, Orange Roughy, or Halibut, 10 oz. Sweet Potato, 1 Cup Vegetables, Sorbet

  • Meal 5:

    Lean Body® Ready-to-Drink Meal Replacement Shake, Bowl of Whole Grain Cereal, 1 Tablespoon Fish Oil

  • Notes from Lee:

    Sample Competition Daily Menu -- same as Off Season Menu, but calories are reduced gradually

  • SUPPLEMENTS LIST: B-Complex, 50 mg. (timed released) , Vitamin E, 400 iu, Multi-Mineral, 2/day with food, Vitamin D 2000 iu , Vitamin C, 1000 mg. (time released) 2/day with food, GlutuLean® (l-glutamine powder) 10 grams, BCAA Power 5g before workout, PowerCarb 1 scoop after workout, Lean Body® meal replacement shakes, HICA MAX™ 3 tablets after workout, Super Charge 1 Scoop Prior to Workout.

Lee’s Favorite Labrada Supplements


Muscle Growth Stimulator


Performance Fuel




100% BCAA


100% Glutamine


Pre-Workout Energy Drink Mix

Lee’s Blog

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