Past Winners - New Year 2011


Congratulations to all of the Lean Body Challenge™ competitors! Your dedication and determination to finish the Challenge has helped each of you make unique and dramatic body and lifestyle transformations. Whether you placed or not – you’re all truly winners! Your added confidence is inspiring and infectious.

It is my great pleasure to introduce The Grand Champion for the Lean Body Challenge 2011: Michael Klamut of Berea, OH. Michael is the winner of a cruise for two to Cozumel, Mexico. Have fun, Michael, you deserve it!

In just 12 weeks, Michael lost 26 pounds and 6.4% body fat.
Here's what he had to say about the experience:

"I honestly feel that my intensity and work ethic in the gym, coupled with my level of motivation sets me apart from all others. Sure, there may be someone out there who looks better than me, but I can guarantee they didn't outwork me. I have given everything I possibly could to this Lean Body Challenge, and that alone make me a winner. Thank you Mr. Labrada and Labrada Nutrition for giving me the tools to accomplish my dreams!


Congratulations, Mike! Congratulations also go out to Grant Synder, Jason Lipp, Hugh Leonard, Tim O'Neill, Paul Addamo, Jackie Namee, and Team Anytime Fitness.
Also a special recognition goes out to the following. Although they did not place, they all showed tremendous progress and achievement!

Paul Addamo, Jr.- Levittown, NY • Sharon Addamo- Levittown, NY • Gabriel Colangelo-Moreno Valley, CA • Robert Ierardi-Hingham, MA • Michael Mendoza-Hudson Oaks, TX • Todd Neff-Canton, OH • Robb Rodgers-Waxhaw, NC • Dorothy Russo-Malverne, NY • Joe Stuart-Moraga, CA • Paul Vela-E. Chicago, IN • Jonathan Vidrine-Katy, TX

We are so very proud of them. Congrats to all!


18 - 29 Division



Grant Snyder
1st Place
Millersburg, Ohio

"Goals are essential to contests like the Lean Body Challenge, and my first was to complete it. I didn't complete this challenge last year, and I was determined to finish this time around. I am proud to say I did complete the challenge and lost 22 pounds in the process! I've experienced dramatic increase in muscle size and strength. My Cardio endurance has increased as well and I've had tons more energy. Through out this process I have also learn a lot about self-discipline. The biggest lesson was, that for every choice you are faced with, fitness or diet, is one step closer or one step away from your goal. Which step you make is up to you!"


Grant lost 22 Pounds and 6% Body Fat!

30 - 39 Division



Michael Klamut
1st Place
Berea, Ohio

I want to encourage all people around me and help others bring out the best in them by offering a lifestyle that will help them through all aspects of life. I lost my mother to cancer eight years ago and I want to give people more quality time with each other. This in itself is rewarding enough.

I realize there is no price tag on life. And, I want to give my wife and children as may days in life that I can. We must fight "tooth and nail" to prime ourselves with the knowledge and determination to take on everything life throws our way.

Michael lost 26 pounds and dropped 6.4% body fat!



Jason Lipp
2nd Place
Celma, Ohio

"By the end of the challenge, I was able to break some personal strength records. Certain lifts and cardio became easier and easier as time progressed. Emotionally I felt unbreakable, which is a huge aspect of changing your whole lifestyle...feeling you can accomplish anything.

I think I represent and encourage the common man, the person that doesn't do this for a living. When people see someone they can relate to, it gives them hope and motivation to take the challenge as well. It shows them you don't have to be a professional bodybuilder or fitness model to get into great shape, and Labrada products can help you dramatically in obtaining whatever nutrition goals you may have."

Jason lost 14 Pounds and dropped over 7% Body Fat!



Hugh Leonard
3rd Place
Princeton, New Jersey

"Sometimes it takes a catabolic event that embodies the essence of an issue to bring about change in a person. This event was a scrimmage with my daughter's soccer team that made me realize how out of shape I was. I made it a point from that moment on to push myself with my training and nutrition so I can have the stamina and physical capabilities to practice with my daughter.

We have a motto that we follow, "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work." And with my family's support I was able to achieve my goals!"


Hugh lost 24 Pounds and dropped over 13% Body Fat!


40 - 49 Division



Tim O'Neill
1st Place
Strongville, Ohio

"This challenged has changed my life! I am now either running, biking or stair climbing almost every day. I learned what I suspected, and that you need to be well rounded in your fitness plan. If you want to get into great shape you need to not just lift weights and eat clean sometime. You need to make staying in shape a lifestyle and eat clean all the time. Physically I feel on top of the world. My back is the best it has felt since my surgery, and I feel if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish anything. Emotionally I feel much stronger! "

Tim lost over 25 pounds and dropped to 8% body fat!



Paul Addamo
2nd Place
Levittown, New York

I've lost 20 pounds in this challenge, and after a few weeks my pants started fitting better and eventually during the later weeks started falling off! I was feeling and looking better even in "baggy" clothes. My cardio sessions became more intense as my physical conditioning improved. I started with 3 mines on the elliptical in 30 minutes and eventually ramped up to 4.8 miles in 30 minutes!

As a special bonus, my son and wife entered the challenge with me, which proved to be vital as we encouraged and motivated each other to continue life changes that the Lean Body Challenge demanded.

Paul lost over 20 pounds and dropped 12.8% body fat!


Jackie Namee
3rd Place
Georgetown, Texas

"I'm very proud of myself for having completed the challenge. It wasn't always a perfect journey, but I persevered, keeping the "burn the ships" mentality. I was determined to stay the course and not quit.

My consistency led to progress, which kept me motivated along the way. Now that I've reached my goal, I've started a new goal to maintain what I've achieved!"

Jackie lost 7 pounds and dropped 6% body fat!


Special Recognition to Anytime Fitness, Jacksonville, Florida



Melissa Coon
Anytime Fitness

Special recognition goes out to Anytime Fitness of Jacksonville, Florida and its team of hard working
Lean Body Challengers!

Melissa Coon, Amanda Kahn,
Jackie Hazelip, Geraldine Leigh,
Joyce Mitchem, Dorothy Morgan,
Lance Reynolds, Pam Reynolds