LBC Past Winners

Former Grand Champion Michelle Heibert enjoying
her Grand Prize, a cruise to beautiful Cozumel,

Read about all the past winners of every Lean Body Challenge here.

Grand Champion
View The 2017 Winners Kate Teresi & Christopher Coblentz
View The 2016 Winners Kristine Moreno & Wayne Jackson
View The 2015 Winners Becca Peterson & Doug Amburgey
View The 2014 Winners Lisa Monroe & Anthony Thoel
View The 2013 Winners Richard Caputo
View The 2012 Winners Jairo Chang
View The 2011 Winners Michael Klamut
View The Summer 2010 Winners Amy Pulliam
View The 2010 Winners Jeffrey Hansen
View The Summer 2009 Winners Wesley Williamson
View The New Years 2009 Winners Lisa Parker
View The Summer 2008 Winners No Overall Winner
View The 2008 Winners Martin Bolduc
View The Summer 2007 Winners No Overall Winner
View The New Years 2007 Winners
Jeff Havens
View The Summer 2006 Winners Wallace Henry Martin
View The New Years 2006 Winners Harley Schaeffer
View The Fall 2005 Winners Michelle Heibert
View The Summer 2005 Winners Kenneth Holsey
View The New Years 2005 Winners Keith Paul
View The Fall 2004 Winners Deanne Brown
View The New Years 2004 Winners Dave Dunham
View The Fall 2003 Winners Andrew Freck
View The New Years 2003 Winners Carrie Shipp