Congratulations also go out to our 1st Place Winners! Tri Nguyen, Kim Torrez, Tanis Toews, Roy Birchmeier, Karen Beaty, Gary Vollhoffer, & Lorraine Plessas.

Honorable mentions go out to: Danielle Rocca-Herbert, Kati Gall, Robert Smith, Richard Wiseman, Jasmine Johnston, Carolie Garrett, Darrin Hatch, Tom Ray, Mitchell Vaughn, Ronnie Proctor, Christopher Cox, Terry Hammett, Brandi Sanchez, Danielle Rabe, Jonte Jones, & Paola Martinez.

We are so very proud of the LBC Contestants. Congrats to all!

Watch The Video of Lee Awarding Anthony the Grand Prize.

Anthony McCartney Lost 45 lbs and 22% Body Fat.

"Last year I entered the 2019 Lean Body Challenge at 275 lbs. I didn’t adhere to the program, frequently cutting corners, refraining from social media participation, and trying to exclude nutrition from the equation. By week 12, I had thrown in the towel. For the remainder of the year, I worked to embrace some of the Labrada principles I had previously neglected and make positive changes to my health. As 2019 came to an end, I was down 43 lbs and I told myself I would try again at the Lean Body Challenge, this time fully committing myself to the process. Now, down another 45 lbs in the last 12 weeks, I am proof that the Lean Body program works. If you dedicate yourself to the process, put in the hard work, and take advantage of all the tools Labrada Nutrition has to offer (social media support, newsletters, health and fitness articles, recipes, etc.) you can optimize your results and reach your goals. I lost a total of 88 pounds because of the Lean Body Challenge and the inspiration it has provided. "
- Anthony, Paris, OH

Tri Nguyen Lost 11 lbs and 7% Body Fat.

"I was a skinny fat guy, so I always felt bad about my body, and I could notbe confident anywhere I would go. So the best thing that motive me to finish the challenge is I really want to change my shape to make me feel better about myself and more confident. I feel I have become a better person and am now doing things that I couldn't before."
- Tri, Sacramento, CA

Roy Birchmeier Lost an Amazing 51 lbs and from a 41" to a 31" Waist!

"Last year I had shoulder surgery for a completely torn rotator cuff, detached bicep and shredded tendon, trying to keep my wife and 2 teenage daughters healthy while working over 72 hrs a week as a full time firefighter in the metro Detroit area. I was able to overcome alot of it through planning and help with food from our church when I was working 24hr shifts and preparing alot of my food ahead of time. With all the hard work I went from a 41" waist and not being able to wear my belt to 31"."
- Roy, Brighton, MI

Gary Vollhoffer Lost 29 lbs and 13% Body Fat.

"This was a very humbling experience. My biggest take away was I honestly thought this was a physical transformation challenge, true as this is for me it was far more of an emotional challenge than a physical one. I am not sure who came up with the saying that “where the mind goes the body will follow” but it certainly was true for me. There were several times that the reasons/excuses for throwing in the towel seemed to outweigh the desire to carry on. First it was the gym closing on March 4th and only living in a small condo that had me on the ropes, then on March 20th I had to go into self-isolation for 14 days because someone at works family member tested positive for Coronavirus. The Facebook group has been my favorite resource without it I am sure I would have dropped out. There were far too many members going through the same things, and they had such a fantastic attitude about finishing no matter what the circumstances, it was contagious. Steven did a fantastic job of moderating the group and answering questions incredible fast. Lee’s weekly videos were enormously motivating and valuable in enabling me to stay on the tracks. Derek Howes nutritional tips saved me in the end, talk about enthusiasm!"
- Gary, White Rock, BC Canada

William Hiner Lost 71 lbs and 21% Body Fat.

"I accomplished every goal that I set for myself and exceeded them by leaps and bounds. Most importantly, this was a life changing personal goal I accomplished. I feel so alive and rejuvenated. As a nurse and a firefighter, I am a huge advocate of being healthy and staying healthy. I have now set a living example and proof of what hard work and dedication can do!."

-William, Troy, MI


Kim Torrez Lost 12 lbs and 14% Body Fat

"I want to teach my baby girl that when you have a goal in life you never give up until you see it accomplished. I dreamed of coming to live in the USA and God presented the opportunity and here I am. I also had the goal of learning English which was very difficult and I fulfilled it. I love the challenges and the triumphs, that's why I decided to enter the Lean Body Challenge. And also because I want everyone to know that it doesn't matter what kind of past life you may have. When you set your mind to something, stay disciplined and work hard--- the sky is the limit!!"

-Kim, Lexington, KY


Tanis Toews Lost 14 lbs and 8% Body Fat

"I have fully embraced the program and the education provided. My results are directly attributed to giving maximal effort to my diet and exercise, which was based on the info learned from the Labrada team. I have changed physically and grown emotionally, more than I knew possible! I feel and look strong and healthy, and accomplished this in a safe and sustainable way. I’ve encountered challenges within this challenge, and I feel like I’ve come out a better person. Confident. Happy. Proud, but never satisfied. I’ll be turning 40 next year, and I’ve never felt or looked better. I know that this is just the beginning, I’m so excited to keep learning and living my best lean life!."

-Tanis, Winnipeg, MB Canada


Karen Beaty Lost 14 lbs and 7% Body Fat

"My biggest struggle was not seeing the weight fall off like I was hoping for. In my mind I knew what my 'normal' weight was and I knew what I currently weighed and it was nowhere near the so called normal for me. I did lose a pound here and there but I thought it should be more. As I saw my clothes fitting loser, I knew what I was doing was working and realized that it takes time and work. Not an overnight miracle. I struggle with push ups but I got to where I was able to keep increasing the amount of standard pushups before I had to drop down to girl pushups. One day I will make it look easy like others do."

-Karen, Shady Shores, TX


Lorraine Plessas Lost 9 lbs and 12% Body Fat

"Long before I turned 50, I started to prepare for it. “ When you turn 50, it all starts to go downhill” they said. “ When you turn 50, your metabolism slows to a crawl, you get fat, you lose your muscle and you have to stop eating carbs.” They said. I truly believed it, everything I read on the Internet confirmed it. Because I believed it, I felt it, and it was showing that believe on and in my body. My Daughter told me to do this challenge. It was really bad timing as our business was going through a huge risky transition. But I needed a distraction, I crave something that was just for me. So I went for it!! The first several weeks I felt good inside (almost instantly), But I didn’t look good at all on the outside. I honestly thought there was no way 12 weeks we’re going to give me much change. But each week the program sent tips, and told me they knew what I was feeling. Freaked me out because each week it was exactly how I was feeling. My mind started to shift. As my mind shifted, my body started changing. I started getting really excited and passionate. Riding the height of my hard work and commitment was and is something you can explain to people. When I started, I wanted to put on a bikini and look good. I never imagined how much more I would get out of this challenge."

-Lorraine, Scarborough, ON Canada

Congrats to Our Honorable Mentions