Congratulations, Ashlee & Charles! Congratulations also go out to our 1st Place Winners! Samantha Wilson, Osvaldo Ortiz, Lenka Rion, Michael Douglas, and Diane VanVleet.  Also a special congrats to our Most Inspirational winner, Michael Reid.

We are so very proud of the LBC Contestants. Congrats to all!

Charles Page Lost an Amazing 21 lbs and 5% Body Fat.

"I believe there probably are a lot better physical transformations; however, I believe I have come a long way with not only physical but emotional...
My son passed away March 10, 2018 at the age of 30. He was my partner with everything...from the gym to life. It has been really rough. The Lean Body challenge gave me purpose and allowed me to focus on my goals. The Lean Body Private Facebook Group connections where also great... so much support in every way!"
- Waterford, MI

Michael Douglas Lost an Amazing 40 lbs and 7% Body Fat.

"My number one goal during this challenge was to get healthier and to lose weight. Before the challenge I checked my blood glucose and it was reading 151 when fasting. My mother, father and both grandfathers were diabetics and I decided that I needed to change my family tree. I have 3 wonderful kids and a beautiful wife that I want to be around to watch them marry and have grandkids and enjoy my time with my wife."
- Pleasant View, TN

Osvaldo Ortiz Lost 10 lbs and 5% Body Fat.

"I am very happy with my progress. I attained my goals and I don’t feel deprived of anything. I took a more balanced approach and it has helped me mentally and I know I can better maintain this lifestyle."
- El Centro, CA

Michael Reid Lost 36 lbs and 7% Body Fat.

"At the beginning of the challenge, I looked like I was pregnant with twins. At the end of the challenge, it looked like I had delivered the twins, but the defining moment I knew my weight loss journey was succeeding occurred near the end of this challenge. I had to take a plane trip and for someone who is obese, flying can at times have its embarrassing moments, such as the dreaded walk down the aisle during boarding where you read the faces of those already seated and know they are thinking, “Please don’t sit next to me” or if stuck sitting in the uncomfortable middle seat, your size causes discomfort for yourself and for those sitting next to you or having to ask for a seat belt extension in order to get buckled in. I am happy to report that I sat comfortably in a middle seat without needing a seat belt extension."
- Kyle, TX

Overall & 30-39 DIVISION WINNER

Ashlee Garect Lost 23 lbs and 17% Body Fat

"So many things kept me motivated to finish the Challenge. The decrease of the pains in my joints and then them completely disappearing was amazing! The huge increase in energy I have. I was able to get up in the morning and not need a nap an hour later. People also started asking what I was doing, and complimenting how I looked, and some friends and family wanted to even start working out with me, which was so awesome!"

-Layton, UT


Samantha Wilson Lost 15 lbs and 4% Body Fat

"I can honestly say that my emotional successes are equal if not greater than the physical successes I achieved through this challenge. Physically I am down 3 dress sizes, 15.4 pounds, and 4.4% body fat. This in itself is such an amazing feat and I couldn't be more proud. However, I have gained something much more valuable on an emotional level. I have regained my confidence and am starting to love the way I look again. More importantly, I am loving the person I am becoming in this new life style. I look forward to working out and meal prepping! Before the challenge I wasn't even sure if I could cook. Now I am making full meals and loving every one (even my parents love them!) and that is something that will benefit me for the rest of my life."

-Tinley Park, IL


Lenka Rion Lost 21 lbs and 6% Body Fat

"I fell in love with weights and with working out. I always wanted to get to the place where I would be excited about working out and I can say now I DO. Emotionally, this challenge helped me to realize that not everything has to be perfect just keep going day by day and love every minute of it."

-Charlotte, NC


Diane VanVleet Lost 20 lbs and 10% Body Fat

"I have put my heart and soul into this challenge. I have put myself on the back burner to take care of my mother who is sick. I certainly had the hardest time to break away from taking care of her so much so I could take care of myself. This challenge has made me feel whole again. I am happier, stronger, completed a challenge and finally did something for myself. My journey will continue as 2019 is my year!"

-Grand Rapids, MI