Congratulations, Heather & Mark! Congratulations also go out to our 1st Place Winners! Sultan Jaouhari, Candace Lawson, Osvaldo Ortiz, Janell Jenson, Michael Kirkpatrick, and Sonya Manz.

Honorable mentions go out to: Alexsis Starr, Danielle Rocca-Herbert, Dacie Bridge, Folake Balogun, Nicole Kepic, Malissa Rammell, John Rich, Matthew Wilson, Jesse Wellman, Raymond Daniels, Rob Jacks, Tony Tetreault.

We are so very proud of the LBC Contestants. Congrats to all!

Mark Houston Lost an Amazing 17 lbs and 5% Body Fat.

"The physical success was DIRECTLY correlated to the mind-frame of making a change. Exercising wasn't the problem because I've always enjoyed exercise. It was the eating that always got me: the lack of self discipline to choose the right foods. This challenge, I decided to strive with all my might to make healthy choices and begin to eat vegetables and to try to find healthy ways to prepare them so that I could actually ENJOY them. My wife was pivotal in my success through her support and suggestions. I began to grow accustomed to eating salads and vegetables for snacks and got to where I began to tolerate them and eventually LIKED them! This was probably more of a success to me than my physical change and my true hope is to continue to eat like this for the rest of my life."
- Mark, Nampa, ID

Sultan Jaouhari Lost an Amazing 93 lbs and 16.3% Body Fat.

"I blew my goals out of the water. Not only did I lose 93.4 pounds of fat, over 70 inches overall, and 16.3% body fat, but I instilled a lifestyle that I will keep forever. My challenge consisted of lots of hard work, sweat and tears in and out of the gym. I don’t believe I have ever said No that many times in the last three months. I pushed myself and with the help of Labrada, friends and family I was able to stay motivated and inspired through the rest of the challenge!"
- Sultan, College Station, TX

Osvaldo Ortiz Lost 19 lbs and 7% Body Fat.

"This was not my first 'Transformation Challenge'. I have done and completed others but have never been fully satisfied. So, I kind of went into this challenge with that in the back of my mind. However, when I started noticing significant changes in my physique and energy levels it gave me just the encouragement I needed to push through.
Ironically, I faced more challenges with this transformation than any other but I feel like did my best. First, was getting over the mental defeatist mentality. Secondly, my wife and I spent 2.5 weeks in Uganda doing mission work in the middle of February (Talk about limited food choices and no gym to be found). I am just glad to have met my goal for this challenge despite all the struggles and challenges."
- El Centro, CA

Michael Kirkpatrick Lost 18.4 lbs and 10.6% Body Fat.

"I am up every morning by 4:30am or 4:45am to work out and I find that I have much more energy and stamina through out the day. I have also noticed my clothes fitting better and I have going down five notches on my belt! I also noticed that others have notice my continued transformation, which is great!"
- Michael, Columbia, IL

Overall & 18-29 DIVISION WINNER

Heather Clark Lost 20 lbs and 11.2% Body Fat

I struggled when I had a bad weekend of over eating and self doubt. I have dealt with depression and I felt it creeping up inside. I just had to look at myself and decide at that moment, was this where I wanted to be or did I want more? I chose to do more. I want to be my best!! AND, I worked my buns off for this challenge!! I have never put forth this much effort and I want it. I know I am a champion!!I know I can be a strong women and represent all the hard working mamas out there!

-Heather, Morganton, NC


Candace Lawson Lost 28 lbs and 11% Body Fat

I have been trying my best to push thru challenges I have had within myself all my life. I feel I have allowed fear of certain things dictate a lot in my personal growth which have held me back from accomplishing many things. I have been trying to encourage my 4 children to follow their dreams and to be strong individuals but, I found it hard to teach something I was never taught so my mission has been to work on myself from inside out to show them and teach them that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. My personal success this year have been I stuck to a plan and finished it through. I’m a wife, mother of 4, full time nursing student, and I work two jobs one of which is night shift and managed to not miss a workout and stuck to a strict meal plan the entire challenge. Mentally I am stronger and I know now from my own experience that I in fact can decide on bettering myself for me and make it happen.

-Candace, Winder, GA


Janell Jenson Lost 23 lbs and 9% Body Fat

No matter what challenges arose I persevered. Doing a challenge like this takes a lot of courage and I stayed brave. I have been passionate about wellness for many years and I’m very proud of myself for sticking with this. Whether I win the challenge or not, I know I’m a winner for never giving up on my goals. I plan to maintain this way of living indefinitely.

-Janell, American Fork, UT


Sonya Manz Lost 3 lbs and 3% Body Fat

I want to inspire women. Loving yourself at every stage of life is important. Nutrition and exercise might not be perfect every day, but consistency and balance is important. If you get off track, there is always the next day to pick yourself up and continue the journey!

Congrats to Our Honorable Mentions