Top Six Benefits to Having a Workout Partner







With the new year around the corner, I have seen a lot new fresh faces at the gym and one thing I have noticed as a common theme is that these new faces are walking around in sets of 2’s and 3’s.  I think this is a great idea.  Having workout partners seems to be the “it” thing.  So it got me thinking…. As a fitness enthusiast I love helping people achieve their dreams and work at bettering themselves.  I hear comments all the time like “how do I stay motivated to work out?” or “I need someone to hold me accountable” or “I want to lift heavier but I’m afraid of hurting myself”.

I believe I have the answer.  I’ve put together my top six benefits to having a workout partner.

World Oceans Day1. Accountability: Having a workout partner makes it less likely that you will cancel your gym dates.  With each of you having your busy daily schedules, having a scheduled gym date makes it a lot harder for you to call your workout partner and let them down.


Two attractive athletic girl with dumbbells2. Safety in Numbers: Having a gym buddy allows you to push that little bit harder when lifting weights because you can spot each other to add that extra 10, 20, 25 pounds, etc.  Plus if you get into a pinch and need assistance when struggling with that last rep, your buddy is there to help you.


Confident Fit Women Flexing3. Motivation: That extra little push is priceless.  Not everyone is self-motivated, so it helps when you have a friend telling you, “you’ve got three more repetitions in you!! Come on, you can do this!!” It is a lot harder to quit when you’ve got someone looking you in the face pushing you to go beyond your comfort zone.


Personal trainer with dumb bell4. Makes the Weight Room Less Intimidating:  If you are the slightest bit intimidated by the gym floor but you want to start lifting weights, having a workout partner can make it a lot easier to venture out on the floor and tackle the weight room together.


Woman doing squats on a bosu ball, helped by the peronal trainer5. Helps Keep Your Form Correct: When lifting weights it is very important to maintain proper form otherwise you run the risk of injury.  Holding the proper posture can be difficult so having an extra set of eyes with you is very helpful.  A lot of seasoned lifters have learned their bodies and the feel of the exercises. However, unless you have been lifting for a while it is very helpful to have someone there to tell you flatten your back, open your back up more, breathe, or make sure your knee is in line with your ankle.


Female friends sharing a plate of salad6. Nutrition Check: When you embark on a fitness journey with a partner you can also practice healthy eating together and keep each other on track.  It goes back to accountability.  You can work up a healthy eating plan together. It is very difficult when you are the only one of your friends that is trying to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Temptation can be an awfully hard thing to ignore.  But if you and your friend/workout partner are in it together, then the temptation will be a lot easier to say “no” to!!


Qualities you should look for when choosing your gym buddy are:

  • Positive attitude
  • Are you both compatible when it comes to your goals
  • You motivate each other
  • You have compatible schedules

Make your workouts fun.  It’s not supposed to be a job. You should enjoy the journey and if you have someone that you can share your journey with, even better!

About the Author:

BrookeHalynBrooke has over 15 years of experience as a Group Fitness Instructor as well as over 15 years of Martial Arts training and instructing. She is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals and believes that anyone can do anything they want, they just have to believe in themselves. 

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