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Cardio In a Pinch: Burn Fat Fast

Is it really necessary to spend hours walking on a treadmill just to lose fat?” The answer may surprise you. Let’s face it, no matter how much you love exercising […]

Top Ten Exercises You Can Do At Home

Ever found yourself in a pinch for time and wanting to get an effective workout in at home or anywhere outside of a gym? Bodyweight exercises are the core of […]

5 Must-Do Exercises To Add To Your Workout

If you’re looking to break the monotony of doing the exact same four to five exercises every time you pump some iron then you’ve come to the right place. This […]

Accessorize Your Workout Like A Weightlifter

I know that the primary sport of Labrada readers is bodybuilding. However, I personally train as a weightlifter, meaning my sport is revolves around maximal lifts of the snatch and […]

Woman to Woman: Gym Etiquette

Raise your hand if you’ve every been personally victimized by your fellow fit chick? Cold shoulder? Pretentious attitude? Side eyes? That uncomfortable feeling around each other? Yes, I know; I’ve […]

Don’t Let Vacation Kill Your Workout

“Where are you going?” my mother-in-law asks as my husband and I begin to silently slip on our tennis shoes. It’s a little past 2 PM in Greece and, according […]

Conquer the Holidays

We all want to enjoy the Holidays, and it’s easy to slack off, but do we really want to backtrack with our health and fitness? NO, absolutely not. So here […]

How To Make a Fitness Comeback

There are many things that life can throw our way which may derail you from your fitness program: sickness, an injury, a life changing situation, a post contest rebound that […]


Cardio is an essential part of a healthy workout regimen if your goal is to burn some unwanted fat. One of the questions I get asked often is – “How […]

Should I Exercise Sick? How to Ease Back into a Workout After an Illness

… Exercising after or even during an illness is always questionable. You’ve been so motivated, hitting all of your fitness goals with gusto! Now —WHAM! — you’ve come down with […]